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You rely on your cows for your livelihood and they rely on you for quality nutrition.  At Richard Bros, you can rely on us to offer the best quality feed for a great price. All of our feed meets or exceeds industry standards and will help ensure your livestock's health. Call or visit us today!
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What Makes The Best Feed?

Are you getting enough milk from your milking cows? Giving them a proper diet is one way to ensure continued production of milk. All of our dairy feed meets or exceeds industry and state standards. Our highly palatable feed supports optimal health and growth and the high level of protein assists in promoting aggressive early intake for your calves. Call or visit us today for more information!

The Benefits of Quality Feed

Ensuring your dairy cows get the right feed will help increase their intake, growth, milk output and overall health.  We carry a large selection of top brand feed for all of your dairy farming needs. We can make suggestions and our prices are extremely competitive. Call or visit us today!

Affordable Options

We offer competitive pricing on all the top brands of dairy and cattle feed. Don't risk giving your milk cows less than the best! Our feed can help improve overall health, prevent and control coccidiosis, and help with growth and intake. We're happy to answer your questions or make a special order. When you need reliable feed for a great price, Richards Bros is here for you. 

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